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Meet Holly

I was raised in Northwest Georgia. I love my home. Sure, it can be tough and we often get overlooked, but our roots are here and there’s a sense of comfort. Counting Georgia out has always been a losing bet, but we need an advocate who will fight for us and our issues in Washington, D.C. — my name is Holly McCormack, and I’m running to be Northwest Georgia’s advocate in Congress.

Send me to Congress & I’ll fight for


Every single county in GA-14 has a percentage of the population that lacks access to broadband. Together, we can invest in broadband infrastructure so that 100% of rural communities have access to the internet.


More than 64,000 residents of GA-14 are veterans, nearly 9% of the total population, yet we only have one VA hospital in district and no veterans’ cemeteries. I’ll fight to help fund new VA hospitals in rural communities like GA-14.


Nearly three-quarters of GA-14 is considered a childcare desert. I’ll be proud to help pass the Childcare Is Infrastructure Act, making long-term investments in our children and supporting initiatives like a national preschool program.

Georgia’s 14th Congressional District sits in the northwestern corner of the state, nestled among the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Like much of rural Appalachia, our district has been ignored for too long by politicians in Washington who are more interested in partisan games than helping folks out. But the issues facing our district aren’t too complex to fix. We just need someone to do what Georgians do: cut through the noise and get to work.


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